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Meet Jem Wolfie to discover the power of her influence and how she has transformed her social media fanaticism into a lucrative business with OnlyFans…

THE FANS WHO CRY ‘WOLFIE’ The power of social media and the influence content creators possess is exciting, inspiring…and very lucrative. As a relatively new phenomenon in marketing terms, the pace of social media evolution and the ability of content creators to connect with their fans in ways that more traditional marketing simply can’t, has not only transformed the fortunes of influencers, it has radically and permanently altered the marketing landscape. Even when brands get social media right there’s still something impersonal about it. It’s a ‘brand’ or a ‘product’ talking to a person and, ultimately, they are presenting something [...]

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  • The OnlyFans way to make your influence pay

The OnlyFans way to make your influence pay

As social media evolves at breakneck speed the increasing power of influencers, and their effect on the opinions and purchasing habits of fans and followers, has resulted in an acceleration of brands tapping into content creators. It’s not surprising that brands’ grasp the value of social influence. Once a content creator gains the attention and loyalty of thousands - if not millions - of fans and followers, the effect and immediacy with which they exert influence among their fandom has an indisputable effect on global brand awareness, consumer demand and, ultimately, sales. Social media influence is big business. But [...]

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